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Family Date Project: The Obvious Park Date

Location: Home of the Brave park, Cincinnati

Length of Time: 1.5 hours

Price: $3 (for the shake we split in the car on the way home)

A week of sixty and seventy degree weather in the middle of February is good for the soul. Last weekend, before Ben flew to D.C. for the week, we all got to enjoy a taste of spring and I don’t think Lincoln could have been any happier. Long after our friends had gone home, he ran around that park, just happy to be outside.

A few highlights:

  • Adelaide and Lincoln sitting back to back in a baby swing and their simultaneous giggles.
  • Lincoln wanting to hang off of everything (his rock climber father’s son) and climb up anything.
  • Lincoln’s face emerging, in a huge grin, after braving the tunnel slide all by himself.

P.S. If you’re looking for ideas of things to do at a park, beyond the play equipment, check out this list.

^the happiest Lincoln there ever was

^this girl loves being outside,too. Even from the time she was days old, if she was ever fussy we could just take her onto the porch and she would immediately calm down. 

^my most worn pairs of shoes over the last four years have been these cece ballet flats. I have them in four colors (both the suede and leather) and they. are. awesome. J. Crew has a few colors on sale right now I can’t decide between the matador and the burnt sienna for a pair to replace these well loved and well used pink ones.



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  1. These family projects you are doing are so fun. What a great idea. I love your little ones. I have been a follower of your blog for years and your blog is definitely one of my faves. Anyway, I remember I found out we have the same birthday, Nov. 7 from instagram chat two years ago, which lead me to your blog in the first place. I am like 11 years older then you, but who cares, haha. I just had a baby girl and couldn’t figure out what to name her. Like it’s so hard, right. So i hope you don’t mind me telling you this as I know some people dont like others who copy their baby name, but I named my daughter Adelaide too. I would of never thought of the name had I not read your blog. You can read my blog too, its not as exciting as yours, but ya know. Anyway, love ya and thank you for all you teach and inspire me on your blog.

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