14 Things I Will Always Say Yes To

I will always say yes to…

  1. fresh flowers: There doesn’t need to be a special occasion (^^did you know chocolate isn’t the only thing half off after Valentine’s?). 
  2. anything miniature: I’m a sucker for cute miniature editions of things. This does not bode well for when I start shopping for children (baby clothes? nothing cuter). 
  3. dessert: As long as dessert means chocolate, I will never say no. I might take a very small portion, but I’ll never pass up a bite. 
  4. more water (at restaurants): I’m not very good at drinking enough water, unless I’m sitting in a restaurant. While dining out I go through at least five glasses. 
  5. kisses: when they’re from Ben, obviously šŸ™‚
  6. “do you want fries with that”: if I am eating fast food, I am eating fast food, and I will enjoy it with fries. 
  7. clearance heels: If they’re my size and on clearance its almost guaranteed they’re coming home with me. It turns out the clearance rack is more dangerous for my wallet than anything else.
  8. trips to New England: It doesn’t matter if its a five hour plane ride or a fifteen hour drive, if there’s a reason go to home, I’m in. 
  9. game nights: I grew up on family game nights and you won’t find me turning down the chance to play games with family or friends. 
  10. sprinkles: I like my sprinkles with a side of ice cream and if we’re out and the server asks if I want sprinkles with my scoop, the answer is always yes. 
  11. sleeping in: no explanation needed.
  12. oceans: I love the ocean in fall, winter, and spring. Everyone loves it in summer but there is something so peaceful about a deserted windy peach. I’ll take you up on an invitation to the ocean any month of the year. 
  13. art museums: I can trace it back to the few months we lived in Italy when I was 10. We spent a few days in week in some of the finest museums in the world, sketch books in hand. 
  14. polka dots: On tights, blouses, pants, skirts, bags, I’ll take it in polka dots. 
What do you ALWAYS say yes to? 

This post is sponsored by Say Yes to Carrots, a natural skin care line. They were nice enough to send over their line in time for Valentine’s so I’ve been using it for exactly a week. I love that its all natural (and smells so clean!). Here’s what I’ve used and my thoughts after the first week:

**If you’re interested in my full experience after the first month, I’ll share it on facebook in a few weeks šŸ™‚

1. Daily Facial Cleanser: I use this morning and evening to wash my face and its gentle but still leaves my face feeling clean. My skin has gotten clearer in the past week (but really, its too soon to say).

2. Exfoliating Cleanser: I substitute the cleanser for the exfoliating cleanser if its a morning or evening that I’m showering. Prior to this I’d been using a foliating cleanser twice a day and I love having both the cleanser and the exfoliator. Using it every other day or so it does its job without being too rough on my skin.

3. Daily Facial Moisturizer: Of the five products I’ve been using, this is my least favorite. I appreciate that its oil free and love the dispenser it comes in but I have incredibly dry skin and it isn’t as moisturizing as I would like (maybe it would be better if you don’t have super dry skin?).

4. Intense Hydration Night Cream: This makes up the difference of the daily moisturizer for me and I love this overnight super moisturizer (I actually use a little on dryer parts of my face in the morning).

5. Towelettes: I’ve never used anything like this so I have nothing to compare it to but they’re great. I love the way they smell, the gentle clean feeling I get, and how portable they are. If you wanted to try out one Say Yes product and didn’t want to try the whole line, I’d recommend these.

Lucky for you, Say Yes is giving away 500 packages of the face wipes and all you have to do is enter on Facebook here.

Have you ever used any Say Yes products?
What did you think?
What are your go to skin products?

P.S. If you’re allergic to raw carrots – DONT use this product. If raw carrots make your mouth itchy, then this will do similar things to your face. 


  1. I used the Say Yes to Cucumbers! face wipes and I totally loved them! I'd love to try these as well. I'd say yes to all of these things as well, especially flowers. šŸ™‚

  2. I say YES to most of those things and I'll scream it for some too! Sprinkles? Heck Yes! They're like the glitter of food! And fresh flowers? Double heck yes! Sleeping? GIMME MORE!
    Quadruple high fives to this post! <3

  3. I've actually never used this brand before. I've seen it in stores before but I've never really had the push or desire to purchase it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

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