10 Ways to Support My Blog (or any blog)

I’ve been spending a lot more time blogging lately and its been really fun to watch some things develop, relationships form, and collaborations work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you so much for reading. I love blogging, and I really love that because so many of you stop by, I can justify spending so much time doing something I love.

Going along with that, today I wanted to share ten ways you can support my blog (or any blog you read). I am by no means asking you do any or all of them (well maybe just one or two?) but I wanted to give some of you a better idea at how your support works. Lots of friends have asked how they can get involved – so here’s the list šŸ™‚


1. Visit my site! Simply visiting and viewing Bella puts a smile on my face and increases my stats which allows me work with bigger and better brands. More pageviews means a higher audience which means brands will pay more to work with me.

2. Comment and engage. I try to ask questions at the end of my posts and I love to hear from you! I’m trying to be much better at responding to each comment and it always helps to be able to show that I have an engaged audience. Commenting on posts you like is a great way to support my blog.

3. Follow my blog via social media. There are lots of ways to follow Bella so you can pick the best one for you (or you can love me and follow all the ways :). Choose from facebook, bloglovin, twitter, RSS feed, or subscribe by email. You can also follow me on instagram and pinterest.

4. Share my blog via social media. If you’re following me via facebook and like a post, click the share button! Sharing posts you like with your friends online makes me happy, expands my audience, and lets me know you like what you’re reading.

5. Similarly, pin pictures on pinterest. If there is an outfit you like or a recipe you want to try, pin it to pinterest. This allows all your pinterest followers to potentially visit my blog when they repin the picture!

6. Tell your friends about my blog. Just talking about my blog with people has resulted in them going online to check it out later which results in more pageviews, more readers, and more fun šŸ™‚

7. Tell me you love me (or just that you love my blog, or just that you like my blog). There are lots of you who have done this and it MAKES MY DAY! I had a reader introduce herself while I was in Texas and how she loves “stalking” my blog and I seriously couldn’t stop smiling. Its so fun putting faces or names with the statistics. Everyone loves a little encouragement.

8. Share your ideas with me. Have a great idea for a post? Have something you would love for me to talk about? Let me know! I love incorporating ideas from friends, family, and readers and getting inspiration from others.

8b. Give me feedback. Sometimes is tough love, and sometimes its compliments, but either way, I really appreciate it.

9. Enter the giveaways. I’ve just found out some of you find rafflecopter super hard to enter and I’m going to work on that – but entering the giveaways is a great way to engage and support.

10. Support my sponsors. See the ads on the right? Clicking on them, visiting the sites (commenting and letting them know I sent you if its a blog), liking them on facebook, tweeting them, etc, all shows your support. You don’t have to buy anything, but if you like it and the time is right, supporting my sponsors is always supporting me.  [basically the more support they get, the better experience they had sponsoring my blog which results in a sponsorship renewal, or a positive review which I can use in the future]

You might have noticed a few more sponsored posts around here lately. Like I said, I’ve spent a little more time blogging recently and have been grateful for the chance to turn this into a part time job. Working with brands through affiliate links and sponsored posts is letting me keep blogging while I finish up my degree instead of getting another job. I want you to know that I only post about products I love (and have chosen not to post about products I’ve received that I wouldn’t recommend). Basically, I promise to be honest with you – and to keep up with totally non-sponsored content as well. Bella will continue to evolve as our life changes, but hopefully it’ll still be a place you love coming back to.

As always, thanks for reading. Your support means so much!
If you have any questions, comments, (concerns?) email me: [email protected]

image source: unknown, graphic by me


  1. I agree with all of these! Comments especially, it's always help encourage me to keep writing I find šŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Such great tips!! Especially the Pinterest one. I'm forever getting links back from pinterest from past posts I've pinned. So I'm always so conscience about taking better pin-worthy pictures to post on my blog so others will pin them!

    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}

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